mur en pierre de la soleillade en cevennes

Guest house in Southern Cévennes

Our rooms are in three different buildings, thus allowing you to feel on your own and to enjoy the peacefulness of the place. Their names and styles are an invitation to travel to other places. Each room has a bathroom whose water comes from our solar panels. All our beds can become single beds according to the guests’ wishes. Baby equipment is also available.

Click on the pictures to see the rooms from different angles

the Essendilene Room

lit et armoire chambre essendilene Interieur chambre essendilene Salle de bain chambre essendilene

The Essendilene Room has the colours of Saharan outdoors and can accommodate 2 people. It is south-facing and has a view on the mountains

the Langassoula Suite

Interieur chambre langassoula lit superposés chambre langassoula Salle de bain chambre langassoula

LANGASSOULA is a village located in the Amazonian forest. This 25m² room can welcome 4 people as it is equipped with a double bed and bunk beds for 2.

the Chausey Room

Lit double de la chambre chausey L'armoire de la chambre chausey

The Chausey Room has the atmosphere of the archipelago spray and light in which we can bask. 3 people can sleep in this room, which has one double bed and a single bed in a den.

the Tambacounda Suite

Siege et armoire suite tambassoula Lit double suite tambassoula Lit superposés suite tambassoula

The Tambacounda Room is a wink to Central Africa. It is a family suite with two separate bedrooms and a bathroom. It can accommodate 5 people, since it has a double bed bedroom and another with three single beds.

Entreprise recommandée par le par nationnal des Cévennes